Who We Are

We are an entrepreneurial investment, development and asset management firm with an institutional approach to everything we do. We're passionate about doing things differently and correctly.

What We Do

We identify and structure investment opportunities and we determine the best way of unlocking value through a highly disciplined approach to investing, capital structure optimization, developing unique, dynamic projects in strategic locations and hands-on asset management with results-oriented execution. We build businesses.

Why We Do It

Because we care. We care about our communities, our environment, all of our stakeholders and ourselves. Because we want to unleash potential; of our people, our country and our resources. Through our economic and social endeavors, we are committed to the Dominican Republic's growth and development.

Identifying Opportunities, Structuring Investments, Developing Projects and Creating Value

Our history

Nader Enterprises was founded by George Alexander Nader with the purpose of organizing and consolidating all of his businesses and investments under a single investment, development and asset management company.

Mr. Nader, a cum laude graduate with a degree in Corporate Finance and Accounting from Bentley University in Boston, Massachusetts, founded Nader Enterprises while working as a financial analyst at a New York City-based investment bank focused on Financial and Strategic Advisory and Mergers and Acquisitions for companies in, or looking to enter, Latin America. In 2008, Mr. Nader moved back to the Dominican Republic in order to continue growing Nader Enterprises and capitalize on the different business opportunities present in the country.

Management Team

We plan to reach our goals by being surrounded by highly talented individuals committed to each of our investments, projects and operating companies. We value collaboration and teamwork and are committed to the continued professional growth of our team members.

Investment Principles

We believe in a Principled Approach to life and that translates to our investments as well. We are focused on the preservation of capital and on having downside protection, we invest with a high moral and ethical standard and we only do business with people that have the same standards as us, we use leverage strategically and conservatively, we seek operational excellence and drive superior risk-adjusted return by investing in the right projects, buying right and controlling costs.


Our business model and overall investment strategy is based on a proactive participation in each of our investments, projects and operating companies. We specialize in identifying business opportunities, structuring investments, completing all the legal and financial due diligence and raising capital when necessary in order to capitalize on these opportunities. Once we agree to pursue an opportunity, we put together a business and project plan and execute swiftly. We are highly selective in what we get involved in and only target the right projects in the right markets. For us to get involved, we need to see the potential for creating a lot of value for all of those involved. We take an institutional approach to everything we do. Process-oriented, disciplined, entrepreneurs that know the value of moving fast and at the same time, of dotting all the i's crossing all the t's. The firm strongly believes in the potential of partnerships and fostering relationships with other promising companies and investors who share our passion and seek to develop a long-term relationship based on trust, respect and integrity.


"Be the change you want to see in the world". We only work on projects that we are passionate about with people that we are passionate about. Projects that not only positively impact our bottom line but also create a meaningful impact in the communities that surround them.

"Do unto others as you want them to do unto you". Our dealings with partners, clients, suppliers and the community are conducted with the highest integrity, respect and ethical standards. We value our reputation and our word more than any potential economic gain.

Why DR?

We believe that the Dominican Republic has an enormous amount of potential and we strive to actively identify opportunities to contribute towards the country's growth and development. It's people, Government policies and initiatives, location, climate, the existence of untapped markets and unmet demand for products and services, growing population and strong demographics, low-controlled inflation and a consistently growing economy are just some of the factors that make this country an ideal location for local and foreign investors. The Dominican Republic is one of the most important recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the region; the largest source being the United States, followed by Canada and Spain.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Nader Enterprises strongly believes in creating a positive change in the communities where its assets are located. Our success is intertwined with that of these communities. We constantly look for ways of adding value and engaging in programs to better the lives of those that surround us.